Scriptless automation testing is growing part 2

This article is a continuation of the article with the same name from issue 15 of Quality Matters.

Since 2020, major software testing vendors have taken the no-scripting turn by using the power of AI. We can see the tools of these editors (at least for Eggplant and UFT One) as the “2nd generation” of no-script automation tools because they push even further the concept of “being able to automate all technologies with the same tool” by offering a single test capable of running on different environments such as a computer (different browsers) and a phone (Apple or Android).
This shift explains why we are currently seeing the appearance of tools such as Tosca (Tricentis) or UFT One (Micro Focus).


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Marc Hage Chahine

Marc Hage Chahine is a test facilitator working. Creator of the French blog: “La taverne du testeur” and active member of the test community as a lecturer, book author, organizer and speaker at software testing events – he is part of the JFTL (French Testing Day) committee.


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