Webinar on-demand: Visualize your Test Strategy

Trying to develop a test strategy, but not sure how to do it properly?​

When developing a test strategy, there is a great risk that it will become a massive paper product that is not actively used within the organization. By using different models, you can reduce the scope of the documentation and shorten the time it takes to define, understand, and implement the strategy.

In this webinar, Jan will go through different models that can be used as a framework, examples of how they have been used in different projects, as well as tips and pitfalls that can be good to be aware of.

The webinar is in English. Fill in the form and you will get access to the recording.


Jan Sahlström is a senior QA-strategist with deep knowledge and experience in software development. He is passionate about continuous process improvements to achieve high quality integrations and build cross functional teams with a holistic view on quality.