What’s the niko niko?

Have you ever come to work and felt like it was going to be a good day and be very productive? Or on the other hand, knew that it was bad day on every fronts?


Then your work might have been affected by these emotions. 


And so that your coworkers knows it, an indicator linked to team satisfaction, very well adapted to agile indicator the calendar “Niko Niko” was gradually introduced. 


Where does it come from?


Straight from Japan, “Niko Niko” means “smile” in Japanese.
It’s a calendar for expressing your mood for the day. People use a dedicated board or tool to record their daily mood, symbolized by smileys like these: 😊 😐 🙁.


This provides a picture of the emotional state of the whole team.


This method encourages honesty, open communication and provides useful information for managing the team’s mood in a positive way.

In short, it is becoming really important for creating a productive working environment.


Niko Niko, a highly agile indicator


This system enables continuous assessment of team moods, fostering the flexibility needed to respond to rapid change. By encouraging emotional transparency, the Niko Niko creates a climate of trust, reinforcing collaboration and facilitating collective problem-solving. By establishing a link between team satisfaction and overall performance, it underlines the importance of member well-being, in line with agile principles.


What it's used for?


Each team member is encouraged to share his or her feelings, creating a climate of trust conducive to communication. The main objective is to achieve collective emotional transparency. So, by tracking the evolution of the team’s mood over time, Niko Niko enables us to better understand emotional patterns. This openness makes it possible to identify highs and lows, facilitating early detection of significant changes.

It becomes a useful way of measuring daily well-being. Then, the aim is to foster a positive, transparent team atmosphere through ongoing open communication and visualization.




The use of Niko Niko in project management plays an essential role in monitoring team morale. This analysis enables us to understand moments of enthusiasm and more delicate periods. What’s more, this chart facilitates the early detection of significant variations, enabling potential problems to be resolved before they escalate.


In short, integrating the Niko Niko into project management goes beyond simply tracking daily moods. The link between team satisfaction and overall performance is highlighted, triggering proactive measures to improve well-being.

In this way, it becomes a dynamic tool for positively influencing team dynamics, strengthening collaboration and contributing to project success.




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