The challenges faced by testers: human perspective

The job of a tester is a technical one, requiring special skills. It therefore seems...
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computer webinar AI for testing

Webinar: How to use AI in Software Testing

AI is reshaping the landscape of testing and quality assurance, and now's the time for you to immerse in this revolutionary shift!
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Scriptless automation: testing is growing part 2

Since 2020, major software testing vendors have taken the no-scripting turn by using the power of AI.
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Webinar on demand_How to think and work with Application Security?

You are curious about application security? Our world is becoming faster and faster, with the...
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Addressing Your Most Common Questions about IT security

In this post we’re addressing some of the most common questions we get about IT...
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Safeguard your digital assets

10 essential measures to strengthen your IT defenses In the world of ever-expanding digital horizons,...
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