Webinar Evolution of Testing Practices

April 6th, 2023 | 11am (60')

Evolution of Testing Practices

Should I reinvent myself?

The webinar will be in French

Can we consider today that a software if of quality because it is functional? No, it must also perform well over time, be adapted to user requirements, be free of anomalies and any optimization must be delivered quickly without impacting its operation.

All these challenges are in line with the evolution of the Tester’s job, which is to guarantee this quality. Faced with these new challenges and the emergence of new practices to meet them, how can we adapt as Testers? Should we reinvent ourselves?

Reinventing yourself might be taking things too far but continuous training to acquire skills that are in line with current and future market needs is the approach to take. This webinar will give you the keys to adapt to the new requirements by focusing on 3 points: constant monitoring, methodologic and technical evolutions


On the agenda

Evolving as a Tester following 3 approaches:

  • Permanent monitoring: techniques to be on top of current trends
  • Methodological: Test in agile mode, understand the concepts, issues and practices of DevOps, understand the principle of continuous integration and implement it
  • Technical: Automation is in order. For what reasons? Which tools should be used? Examples with the use of tools such as Jenkins for the implementation of automated tests or Git for the implementation of collaborative projects.

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