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Need an external qa team?

Nearshore testing might be the perfect solution. By partnering with our QA teams located in nearby country, you'll gain access to a pool of skilled professionals who work in similar time zones, ensuring real-time communication and collaboration. 

Discover our nearshore offer

Looking for a team close by to manage your project? We provide a comprehensive solution with our six test and delivery centers across Austria, Egypt, France and Germany. These centers grant you access to skilled testers and advanced tools that may not be available in-house. Our dedicated and scalable teams offer a fresh perspective and unbiased approach to quality assurance while collaborating closely with your development team to understand the specific requirements of your project. 

Relocating testing activities, particularly to nearshore locations, offers significant cost savings without compromising quality. Our outsourced testing centers ensure products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, delivering peace of mind and a reliable end product. 

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