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QA Training

Being a tester demands continuous learning to stay up-to-date with evolving tools, technologies, and methods. QESTIT Academy provides QA and testing training courses tailored to your or your team’s needs.

Moving toward a continuous learning approach

Get your QA skills to a new level

With the evolution of IT, coupled with increasingly demanding end-users and growing emphasis on social awareness, it’s essential for testers to possess dedicated expertise and skills to provide a genuine support. Through continuous learning, each of us can enhance our knowledge and skills, empowering ourselves to navigate changes and challenges with flexibility and ease: the exact aim of our Academy. Join it and craft your own QA training experience.  

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Being a tester is a complex position where tools, technologies and methods evolve constantly. Keeping up with changes requires continuous learning to adapt quickly to the market demands and project needs. For years, QESTIT has been building its expertise thanks to numerous QA projects. To share it with others, we expanded our offer and started the QESTIT Academy allowing you to create your own training experience.

The Academy catalogue has more than 30 training courses about QA and testing. This enables you to choose the one(s) suited to you or your team’s needs and according to your experience: from foundation levels to expert or from classic courses to certifying trainings such as ISTQB®. 

When training teams, a customed experience can be more adapted. By discussing your needs with the Academy, you will be able to mix courses, choose your length and location for the training and experience a tailored training program.  


Our team helps you

find a training course that fit your needs

icon-training QA certifications Enhance your expertise with our training courses designed to help you earn certifications such as ISTQB, IREB, and IQBBA.
icon-test_automation Automation tools Master automation tools like Cypress, Playwright, and Robot Framework to streamline your testing processes.
icon-software_testing Test tools Explore a range of top-tier tools for API testing, performance testing, ALM, and CI/CD integration, including SoapUI, Apache JMeter, and more.
icon-ai_testing Trends Stay up to date with our newest courses, covering trending topics such as CSR in digital or AI.
icon-workshop WORKSHOPS Find a great balance between theory and practical exercises for topics or methodologies you haven’t dig in yet such as BDD.
icon-report Customized training Create a tailored experience by mixing and matching classes, choosing length and location of the training.
Want to enhance your skills?

Let's create your training experience

By discussing your profile, background, and training needs, we can build a customized program for you or help you select from our catalog of 30+ courses, including ISTQB certifications, AI, Accessibility, automation tools, and more. Explore your options on our dedicated website.


Common questions about training

Why is training essential for a tester?

In a world in constant change, being a tester is a job that is evolving a lot, facing new challenges, using new tools… Training yourself to new methodologies, tools and certifications will improve the quality of your tests and the efficiency of your work. Learning about new things can also help you get into more specific projects. 

Why are certifications like ISTQB® useful?

The certifications are not only a way to prove your skills to yourself and others. They help you have a strong structure and basics and organise your project in a more efficient way. You can also create your own path in the certifications starting with Foundation ones up to Advanced levels and develop new skills. 

How can we finance the courses?

Options can change in the country depending of your location. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Are your courses available worldwide?

At the moment, the courses are mainly in France, but QESTIT Academy is starting to open them to the world. If you have any inquiry, please reach out to us through the contact form.