Summer is behind us but let's enjoy a last...

Summer Game

Summer Game

Here are the answers:

Located in the heart of a well-known European mountain region, in this amazing city, you can visit an imperial palace in the town centre and end up in the afternoon, at 2000m high in the mountains. All of it, thanks to its futuristic funicular. Which country is it?


It’s not just a simple blue chair. It’s a symbol of the city, its History, the sky and the sea nearby (a sea otfen called “the crossroad of civilization”). In which country is it?


OK obviously it’s an amusement park. Which one? What’s the theme? Here’s some clues: Danish origins, plastic building-block toys. In which country is it? That’s for you to guess and no it’s not in Denmark. There’s 8 other possibilities.


It could be anywhere you might say. Sure about it? Think about one of the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea.

Note. We know this one was difficult 😉


For this one let’s take a long haul flight in the country where lotus blossoms. Here, latanier leaves secured with bamboo sticks, form the traditionnal and historical “nòn là” that natives wear to protect themselves from tropical climate. Which country is it?


Do you see the volcano behind? Its name is derived from the Ancient Greek word, “Aitne”, which means ‘I burn.’ This volcano is still active and close to us. If you find the name you’ll find the country. Oh “The Godfather” movie was shot in the region.