Introduction to Sustainable Quality

Let's talk about the concept of "sustainable quality"

In our latest newsletter, we unveiled the concept of sustainable quality in testing—an approach dedicated to safeguarding the reliability, efficiency, and functionality of software throughout its entire lifecycle and over the long term.

Delve deeper into this approach with a live presentation just for the QESTIT colleagues by Marc Hage Chahine who will tackle critical issues such as software drift, the disengagement of software and IT professionals, and environmental impacts. During this presentation, he will present actions for achieving sustainable quality by leveraging key elements such as automation, CI/CD, risk-based testing, and effective collaboration methods.

When and where? Thursday, January 11th, 12:30 – 13:30 PM (CET), online. 

Registrations are open

Make sure to attend this live presentation:

Introduction to Sustainable Quality (EN)

January 11th at 12:30pm (CET)