Test Automation Engineer

Design, implement and optimize automated testing solutions to improve software quality and performance through continuous integration and delivery.

We are seeking individuals passionate about technology who grasp the logical connections between IT systems and can recognize the business advantages for our clients. You find joy in development and the intersection of people and technology. The motto "Teamwork makes the dream work" truly resonates with you, and you take pleasure in sharing knowledge to help others grow.





As a test automator, your role will encompass several key responsibilities crucial to ensuring software quality and efficiency and examples of your tasks and responsibilities are:


Identify what aspects of the testing process should be automated, making recommendations based on business benefits. This involves a deep understanding of the application's functionalities and the potential return on investment from automation.


Developing an automation strategy and documenting it. This strategy will outline the tools and frameworks to be used, the scope of automation, and the processes for maintaining and updating automated tests.


Writing and executing automated tests is a core responsibility. Creating test scripts using tools like Selenium, Postman, SoapUI, and ReadyAPI, ensuring these tests effectively validate the software’s functionality and performance.


Coordinating, prioritizing, and communicating the test work will be essential. Working closely with development teams, business analysts, and other stakeholders to ensure that testing efforts align with project timelines and priorities. Effective communication will ensure that everyone is aware of the testing progress and any issues that arise.


Reporting status, current risks, and recommended ways forward at both operational and strategic levels is crucial. You will provide regular updates on the testing status, highlight any risks or issues that could impact the project, and propose solutions to mitigate these risks.


Your role as a test automator is pivotal in ensuring the software meets quality standards and delivers a seamless user experience.





You have extensive experience in code-based testing, effortlessly setting up frameworks and developing automated tests. As the "go-to person" for deciding what to automate and what not to automate, you possess deep knowledge of various test tools and methodologies, understanding how to utilize them effectively in the testing process. Your ability to program while thinking like a tester, and to test while thinking like a programmer, is complemented by proficiency in the most common programming languages. You firmly believe that testing and quality are the responsibility of the entire team and should be integrated into the development process from the outset.


To succeed in this role, we would like you to


  • Have at least 4 years of experience as a technical tester or test automation engineer.
  • Enjoy working with people.
  • Have experience in programming/automation.
  • Knowledge in a programming language such as Python, C#, Javascript or Java.
  • Experience in databases and Rest API.
  • Is meticulous and keen to live up to quality standards.
  • Curious and willing to stay updated.
  • Speaks and writes Swedish and English fluently.






  • An environment where skills development and sharing experiences is important.
  • The opportunity to influence your assignments.


  • Opportunity for individual development in areas outside your profession by engaging in operations internally.
  • Different communities where consultants exchange knowledge and discuss solutions to challenges they face in their consulting role.






We offer a collaborative and open environment with streamlined decision-making processes and colleagues who share common values of curiosity, creativity, and commitment. Our work culture empowers you to influence and make independent decisions. We provide the necessary tools to create an optimal setting for your personal and professional growth, contributing to the company’s long-term success. We trust in the abilities of our employees and appreciate the value of leveraging each individual's unique strengths.


  • Manage your own development plan.
  • Market salary.
  • Ability to customize part of your salary according to your own priorities.
  • Flexible working environment.
  • Full-time
Role Test Automation Engineer
icon-location_pin Gothenburg & Stockholm
icon-time Full-time permanent position
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