QESTIT is featured in French press


Article written by Abderrazak Dahmani for the magazine "PROGRAMMEZ!"

We are in an era of constant change and evolution that we will call „New Normal“. This era started with the adoption of Agile & DevOps methods within projects; an adoption that has now reached a stage of new normal.

However, in some projects, the test and quality approach is not as complete as it could be. It is often believed that agile teams are composed of people with hybrid development and testing skills, but this is not often the case. This is one of the first observations we make during our various consulting missions with our clients. 

This test and quality approach applies to the development and maintenance of applications (development of new versions, functionalities, optimization for greater performance) to guarantee a quality end product and, more broadly, to always be in line with users‘ expectations and market trends. 

In order to meet this challenge, Agile/DevOps development cycles allow us to ensure delivery at ever higher rates and shorter production cycles, without compromising the quality of the application, since any change can cause bugs and impact the user experience.

The article is available in French; it will be translated into English very soon.