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Recognizing that a strong commitment to quality-driven processes offers significant business advantages, we assist our clients in integrating quality assurance practices throughout their development lifecycle.

Empowering you with qa expertise

Driving business growth through a quality-centered approach

Ensuring high quality in software, applications, and systems is crucial for business success, as it not only satisfies users but also drives business growth through continuous enhancements. Achieving this requires a proactive mindset, even when facing budget constraints and tight time-to-market pressures. It demands collaboration among stakeholders, a focus on efficiency and a user-centric approach. 

With this perspective, we offer our expertise in quality assurance to support your business at every development stage. From requirements and test strategies to performance, automation, and cybersecurity, we cover all aspects of quality assurance, including UX design and QA training. By leveraging flexible methods, expert knowledge, and advanced tools, we help you save time, optimize costs, and shorten development cycles while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

How we work

The right quality with a focus on business value

In our assignments, we focus on highlighting what provides the greatest business value for you. This may involve improvements in systems, working methods, or development processes, as well as making strategic trade-offs between time, cost, and quality. Prioritizing and balancing these elements becomes crucial in a fast-paced environment. Defining quality as what the customer is willing to pay for is essential. 

Successful quality work begins with understanding the business value that development should generate. The right quality is defined based on each company's unique reality and business goals. By gaining insight into what constitutes the right quality and understanding the factors that impact customer experience, we can streamline delivery and achieve higher customer satisfaction. 

The next step is to identify any skills gaps, resource shortages, and inefficient work processes to pinpoint where the risks of quality deficiencies are greatest. 

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Need to outsource your testing activity?

We can also be your external testing team!

Our test teams are the perfect solution for you who don’t have the skills in-house or need extra resources for testing and quality assurance. We provide a comprehensive solution with our six test and delivery centers across France, Germany, Austria, and Egypt.


They trust us

"With the right partner, it is possible to do the impossible. We have built up a great deal of trust and achieved a great deal over the past year. QESTIT has contributed to actually raising the understanding of quality and how to work with quality for the entire organization."

Daniel Wellington

"BPI France chose QESTIT because it is a recognized player in the market. We also appreciated the consulting, engineering and training skills of the team. Our QESTIT Senior Consultant was very important in the realization of the project, thanks to his undeniable teaching skills and his great experience in testing."

BPI France

"QESTIT has really shown us the importance of testing correctly. And we have gained a greater insight into tests overall. For example, that it is not 90% development and 10% testing as we first thought, but that a better balance between them is needed for a robust solution."