Industry: Retail & Logistics

retail & logistics

The impact of the ‘digital revolution’ has been felt profoundly within the consumer-led retail, logistics and transport sectors. New, almost overnight successes are beginning to dominate these markets with some established players struggling to keep up with digital transformation.

In today’s consumer-led world, ‘seamless experiences’ across multiple channels are significant. Digital technology distinguishes the leaders from the followers, and perhaps even the failures. Behind the aim of creating the simple and seamless life for the consumer is an ever more complex and intelligent technology. At QESTIT, we’ll ensure a successful implementation enabling you to launch new technologies within short time-to-market and realise digital transformation benefits quickly.

Supporting your move into the digital age 

We work interactively with you and your partners to mitigate risks and enable the fast implementation of your new technologies; digitally transforming your company.  Our quality-focused approach to software application testing will ensure rapid development and launch within this highly competitive marketplace.

We are experts in ensuring quality for all retail, transport and supply chain scenarios; from point of sale (POS) systems, online marketplace launches, ticket systems, SCM platforms, to transforming store operations with technologies, including electronic shelf-edge labelling and NFC.

Your ability to adapt and respond to the market will determine your success. Our assurance and Requirements Engineering services will help you get your development the right first time.  By providing requirements engineering, test and quality consultancy, we’ll enable your developers to safely innovate within a real-time production environment that significantly reduces your time-to-market.