Security Audit

Our world is constantly changing – improving and evolving. Same as the world, Cyber Security is changing everyday and we need to always stay up to date with the latest changes to protect ourselves from possible attacks and breaches. We can help you evaluate your current IT Security level and implement changes and improvements with the following services:


Security audits include a variety of separate services where we can help you conduct audits, analyses or in-depth investigations on data or processes to identify potential threats, flaws or breaches in your IT environment, products and solutions.

CIS Controls

Take control of who, what and how information is handled in your organization. By working with “least privilege”, keeping track of devices, log collection and what is going on in the network as well as making sure that your firewalls are correctly configured, you can increase your level of maturity and therefore reduce the risk of attacks

Threat Modelling

Threat modelling aims to help you and your development team analyze your product or solution from the perspective of a hypothetical attacker. To identify potential threats, vulnerabilities or flaws as early as possible in your development cycle.

Code Review

If you have self-developed projects that you sell to your customers, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the product is safe for use. Our experts have extensive experience in reviewing products and helping with secure coding that minimizes vulnerable code in the production environment.

Analysis of network equipment

In most organizations, situations can arise where the IT systems have grown to such a level that you have lost control of what exists in the network, or where parts of the components have started to fail or create problems. By conducting a network equipment analysis, you can quickly identify where improvements are needed in your organization.

Reverse Engineering

Today, a variety of techniques are used to carry out breaches. Reverse engineering makes it possible to identify the methods used to prevent future attacks. This can include reviewing malware that you have had on your network and reviewing software – either third party or proprietary.

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is an optimal option for environments that have never been penetration tested before, as untested environments usually carry serious security flaws. We recommend that, in these scenarios, you start with a vulnerability scan and, after addressing the reported issues, follow up with a penetration test.


If you suspect or have evidence of a breach, it is essential to act according to a well-thought-out strategy. It is common to panic and take drastic action without knowing the consequences, which can have undesirable or worsening effects. The experience of our security specialists will help you conduct a methodical and structured investigation to identify and recover from a variety of threats.

ImplementING IT Security

After conducting a good security audit and understanding the potential risks and threats that your business can be affected by, it is important to take a step further and implement new policies, guidelines and procedures in place, to avoid exactly that.

We support you in creating, planning and implementing new concepts to help you protect your IT Infrastructure and overall business.

This includes:





Webinar On-Demand

How to think and work with
application security

Most of us understand that security is important but don’t really know how and where to start. In this webinar, we will talk about application security with a focus on bringing security into the development process, the common attacks, etc.


Having some questions about cybersecurity?

To avoid unnecessary exposure to danger, you need to secure your applications, but you might be confused on how to do it. We are here to answer your frequently asked questions about this subject.