Penetration Testing

Our service in details:

More and more data is made available daily to our customers, suppliers and partners through various integrations of IT systems such as mobile/web applications or APIs. This increases the demand on developers and system architects to integrate security into their development process or design phase to counter attacks. As new techniques and methods of attack are continuously discovered, it is often difficult for companies to create the right set of requirements.

If your security work today is deficient and you do not have control over what you expose to the internet, you run a higher risk of people with the intention of taking control of your infrastructure or taking your data gaining unauthorized access. Therefore, it is important to carry out tests on an ongoing basis and act based on the results of the tests. Stop seeing it as a requirement that must be implemented and start seeing it as a long-term effort towards a safer system and environment.


We offer penetration tests for your company, where our consultants will connect to your network and target your internal infrastructure. The analysis will shed light on the internal security posture, verify if adequate security measurements have been taken to ensure minimal exposure would occur in case of a targeted attack or employee mistake.

The following areas will be reviewed:

  • Client/Server security
  • Active Directory configuration
  • Internal network segmentation
  • Outbound network control
  • Antivirus
  • Password policy/management
  • Vulnerability analysis of 256 IP addresses
  • Known vulnerabilities on Operating systems, server services.
  • Configuration error
  • Default password

During the analysis, we will use the latest techniques that are usually not known to conquer your company’s infrastructure where the main goal is to take over the company’s Active Directory structure.

The results are presented in writing and orally by our experts with recommendations for how to better protect your internal network.

By highlighting potential problems, you can act and build security to protect yourself against threats. Findings are linked to processes and routines to prevent problems from appearing in future implementations, for example.

The results report contains...

  • Executive summary
  • Overview
  • Recommendations
  • Summary of vulnerabilities
  • A detailed description of each vulnerability, proposed solutions.
  • Project details
  • Orientation/scope

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