Performance Testing

Anticipate risk through performance testing

Anticipating and quickly resolving application complications is a major challenge for IT departments. It is even more so when faced with the desire to ensure a user experience that meets expectations.

Performance and load testing conducted upstream of production and in real-life conditions thus make it possible to ensure quality of service and control the risks associated with an application defect (unsupported load > service unavailability > loss of revenue).

With a strong experience in performance and load testing, our team defines with our customers the performance objectives with an approach based on risk analysis, sets up an organization for monitoring and improving performance, pilots the performance projects, carries out the test campaigns and executes them.

Securing user experience on mobile

QESTIT has a mobile fleet (Android, iOS, Windows phone, etc.) available on demand to test performance, monitor and supervise your mobile applications.

Range of Service

  • Component performance testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Stress testing
  • Volume testing
  • Continuous performance testing

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