Being a Software Testing and QA expert specialist, our service breadth is extensive. In this digital world constantly evolving, we focus on solving our clients toughest challenges ensuring quality and performance.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Independent of agile or V-model: Testing is a central discipline of system and software development. It includes conception, planning, and controlling of tests (test management) as well as the design of test cases and the manual or automated test execution. We offer all the relevant services for functional- and non-functional testing.
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Test Automation

You need to reduce time-to-market, increase the number of retests, you are engaged in agile development? Apart from technical questions such as which tool or technology the test process is often the biggest challenge. How to optimise development processes and test efforts? Automation might be the solution.
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Agile Testing

Agile methods have been developing for several years at an increasing rate in the software industry. QESTIT provides testers with solid experience of projects using Agile methods. Our team is able to intervene at all levels of projects progress, from the audit to the implementation of the strategy defined ahead.
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Continuous Testing

The test market is over 34 billion USD and still focused on manual testing. Testing impedes a fast software implementation. To fasten software implementations, a new software test approach must be rolled out. Continuous Testing is such an overall concept to speed up IT development over the whole life cycle.
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Performance Testing

Performance and load tests conducted upstream of production and in real-life conditions make it possible to ensure quality of service and control the risks associated with an application defect. With a strong experience in performance and load testing, our team defines with you the approach that fits your project the most.
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We check your IT across all stages for vulnerabilities. For this purpose, we offer high-quality penetration tests in a standardized procedure, which are carried out by our team of experts on the basis of a precisely fixed procedure in order to identify possible vulnerabilities afterward. We support you in the area of IT security.
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Mobile App Testing

Faced to the new challenges of mobile application development, QESTIT assists its customers at each stage of their mobile projects in order to guarantee proper functioning during production and rapid adoption by users. Our clients benefit from the know-how of our experts dedicated to mobile environment.
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Software testing courses

QESTIT has made skills development one of its driving forces, with its training center dedicated to Software Testing. Its recognized skills in training, based on the experience acquired on numerous IT projects but also on its own pedagogy, allow QESTIT to offer training courses adapted to software testing challenges.
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Xtoniq is a full-service custom software development company, that can handle project development throughout the entire lifecycle: starting with strategic planning and UX/UI design, through application development and quality assurance, to technical delivery, production maintenance, and support.
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Competitive innovation and high customer expectations are the driving forces of digital transformation in the banking sector. Constant innovation and more efficiency are key to success.

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With our vast experience in the  insurance sector, we can support you during the technological change within your business. Our experts for quality assurance and requirements engineering are here to help.

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Retail and Logistics

The impact of the ‘digital revolution’ has been felt profoundly within the consumer-led retail, logistics and transport sectors. 

Behind the aim of creating the simple and seamless life for the consumer is an ever more complex and intelligent technology. At QESTIT, we’ll ensure a successful implementation enabling you to launch new technologies within short time-to-market and realise digital transformation benefits quickly.

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To enable transformation towards digital the convergence of information technology and operational technology must be realised. We help you to adopt advanced manufacturing technology, while meeting sustainability and regulatory requirements.

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, telecoms are under huge pressure to deliver new products, systems and services within short innovation cycles. QESTIT defines approaches using continuous testing for instance to help you keep up the pace.

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Car Industry, Public Sector, Healthcare, Media, IT Services… Our team of experts supports customers from many industries. Your industry is not listed above ?

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It's simple, to ensure high quality to your final users. The world is becoming more and more digital. Our goals is to help you make the most of it.

  • For our quality-driven DNA.  It has been the case for almost 25 years now.
  • For the expertise of more than 750 consultants with diverse backgrounds.
  • For our transparency. We will always try to find the best solution for you and being transparent on the state of the project.  
  • For our flexibility and capacity to adapt to the challenges of any industry.
  • For our ability to manage your project on a local scale or on international scale sparing you the multitude of contacts.
  • For our ecosystem of partners which help us offer the best advice in terms of tools.

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