Webinar Low code – No code

January 31th, 2023 | 11am (60')


How can we make test automation more accessible and usable for all the stakeholders of a project?

In a context that advocates the speed of the development cycle, combined with the need to have well-crafted automation frameworks, teams sometimes find it difficult to guarantee the quality and coverage of non-regression tests with automation solutions that are too technical.

The importance of the methodology and the Framework in a test automation approach is crucial. Commercial solutions provide this natively, whereas Open Source often requires more skills and effort. A need for qualified resources and additional technical skills is felt and impacts the implementation of the project.

This is where the low code / no code approach, currently in full swing, comes into play. This approach allows you to quickly test the functionalities of an application without having to fill in a line of code (or with a minimum of coding when it is low code), thus facilitating the automation of tests. 

On the agenda

  • Context | Test automation – the prerequisites
  • How to identify the most suitable tool and structure an automation framework?
  • Presentation of Micro Focus UFT tool for AI-based test automation. 


An open conversation about software testing and how to improve our processes

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