About us

We take you further.

It all started with two same-minded companies and one goal: turning good software into perfect software.

By combining expertise and knowledge in Software Testing and QA, we have taken a step further in delivery high-quality services, tailored to the needs of our clients.



Our vision

The world is becoming more and more digital. Everyone can rely on software they use at any given time to give them advantages, provide peace of mind and thus make everyday life easier.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality assurance services to companies that want to give people the best possible experience with software.

  • We set the quality standards.
  • We turn good software into perfect software and support the improvment of the digital world. We collaborate with different industries and share our know-how.
  • We only settle for the best quality in order to be a leading player.

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Our history

We were on individual journeys, but now we are in this together!


Back in 1998, first milestone in the company history was set - ACIAL was founded and opened its office in Paris.
What followed was the further growth in the French speaking market - offices in Nantes, Geneva, Lille and Lyon were opened and allowed us to be even more closer to our clients. With the establishment of the Testing University in 2013, we added a new service to  our offerings.


In 2011, another milestones was reached - QCENTRIS opened its doors for the first time in Switzerland and Germany.

Country border were no limits - in the following years, offices in Austria, Egypt, Sweden as well as the Ukraine were established and allowed us to offer our services internationally.


Our paths crossed in March 2021, and we immediately recognized the power of our joint skills, expertise, experience and motivated people. So, we decided to merge.


We have taken the next logical step, and came together into the group that we are now - QESTIT, in June 2022. At the same time, we also established another entity within the Group, focusing on Software Development - XtoniQ Soft.


Our journey didn´t stop here - we continue to grow.
In September 2022, we received another member - the swedish ADDQ joined us and enriched our group. 

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A year later, in September 2023, Vogt + Partner, the testing expert from Berlin, Germany joined our Group as well.

Meet our management team!​

They had a vision and merged to reach it.