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About us

With our QA and software testing expertise, we help companies prioritize, plan, and design their QA processes, ensuring long-lasting quality and driving successful business outcomes.

Enhancing your software development journey

Putting quality in the agenda 

We live in a digital world where technology is not just a support but an essential tool for enhancing our daily lives and propelling business growth. Recognizing and addressing user needs is thus crucial to ensure quality in the applications your audience relies on daily. Quality is, at the end of the day, defined by the user’s expectations: performance, reliability, speed, responsiveness and beyond. 

Guided by this principle and strengthened by more than 25 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, we empower you with the competence, expertise, and guidance needed to support you through each stage of your software development: from requirements to delivery. By staying ahead of technological advancements, industry trends, and organizational strategies, we proactively ensure that your software, systems, and apps not only meet but exceed user expectations. 

Our vision

We shape tomorrow's quality

...Through expertise and continuous improvment.

We are focused on being a driving force in shaping the quality of future products, services, and experiences. Anticipating future needs, staying ahead of industry trends, and actively contributing to advancements that will define the standard of quality in the years to come. 

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Our mission

To let passion and knowledge lead the way

...Helping our clients build high quality product.

By merging passion with expertise, we offer more than just services—we provide strategic advice, leverage industry insights, and actively contribute to success. We're not simply professionals; we're enthusiasts deeply committed to both our work and our clients' success. 

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Leveraging our diversity
to help you thrive


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Ensure quality at every level

With our knowledge and field experience, we can support you throughout your software or system development lifecycle. Aware of the evolving expectations and requirements, our goal is to ensure that your final solution surpasses both your and your end users' quality expectations. Let's work together then!

Our History

25+ Years dedicated to quality

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Our beginning

In 1998, ACIAL was founded and opened its Paris office, marking the company's first milestone. Growth in the French-speaking market followed with new offices in Nantes, Geneva, Lille, and Lyon, bringing us closer to our clients. In 2013, we expanded our services by establishing the Testing University.

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Paving the way for future growth with QCENTRIS

In 2011, another milestone was reached when QCENTRIS opened its doors in Switzerland and Germany.

Borders were no limitation. In the following years, we expanded internationally, establishing offices in Austria, Egypt, Sweden, and Ukraine, allowing us to offer our services globally.

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03 / 06

Acial and QCENTRIS merge

Our paths crossed in March 2021, and we immediately recognized the power of our joint skills, expertise, experience and motivated people. So, we decided to merge.

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04 / 06

A new chapter begins as QESTIT

We've taken the next logical step and united to form the group we are today: QESTIT, as of June 2022. Simultaneously, we've also launched another entity within the group, specializing in Software Development: Xtoniq Soft.

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05 / 06

Expanding our expertise in the Nordics with ADDQ

Following our ambition to expand our position in the Nordics markets, we continued to grow.

In September 2022, we welcomed another member into our fold: Swedish entity ADDQ joined us, enriching our group even further.

PH_wp_[EN]_history_merger with Vogt_Berlin
06 / 06

Solidifying our presence in Germany

In September 2023, Vogt + Partner, testing experts from Berlin, Germany, joined our Group, enhancing our presence in Germany and bringing us even closer to our clients.

Where do we go next?

Continuously evolving to be a better employer, partner and company

icon-time Anticipating future trends We stay ahead of the curve by foreseeing technological advancements and evolving user expectations, ensuring readiness through skill development 
icon-location_pin Embracing growth and proximity We strive for global expansion, forging closer ties with clients through collaboration as well as expertise sharing and leading cross-border projects.
icon-additional_services Prioritizing long term quality Our commitment extends far into the future, as we aim to maintain enduring quality standards so that solutions stand the test of time.  
icon-training Continous improvement Dedicated to ongoing evolution, we strive to become a better organization overall by rigorously testing, tweaking, and examining our approach from every angle.