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Webinar on demand – How to use AI in Software Testing

How to use AI in software testing

AI is reshaping the landscape of testing and quality assurance, and now’s the time for you to immerse in this revolutionary shift! We’ll discuss how to utilize AI-powered tools, including platforms like ChatGPT, to enhance your testing procedures. Alixander and Staffan will walk you through the following topics:

  • KI-gestützte Testing Tools und ihre Vorteile für den Testprozess.
  • Die Auswirkungen von KI auf Softwaretests und Qualitätssicherung.
  • Die Zukunft der KI im Software Testing.

This webinar is ideal for product owners, scrum masters, test managers, developers, and testers eager to deepen their understanding of how AI can amplify their testing efforts. Join us and immerse yourself in the latest trends and technologies in the field!

Vortragende: Alixander Ansari & Staffan Åberg

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