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Within every company, there are people who make things happen. It's time for introductions, and for you to find out what it's REALLY like to work at QESTIT.

This is us


Work occupies a significant portion of our time and therefore, we want to make sure that our collaborators feel comfortable, valued, empowered and acquainted with who we are as a team.

With over 900 colleagues in 7 countries representing diverse backgrounds and personalities, we come together with a shared commitment – ensuring quality. Whether we're contributing to the development of software, systems, or apps, our goal is to create the foundation for quality and performance enabling these technologies to shine for the end user.

We take pride in our diversity, which extends beyond nationalities and cultures. Through this diversity we gain valuable and multiple insights enriching our collaborative efforts and driving continuous improvement. We embrace open-mindedness and a willingness to learn from one another.

Beside our dedication to quality work, we're also a team that knows how to appreciate quality time together. Whether we're enjoying playful moments, celebrating achievements with parties, or engaging in friendly competition, we value the bonds we share and the positive energy we bring to our workplace.

Join us and take part in this journey towards new opportunities.

We explore

Exploration is a continuous journey where progress is achieved by consistently moving forward.  It goes hand in hand with curiosity that runs deeply in our core.

Curiosity becomes a driving force behind exploration, sparking new ideas and driving towards constant growth and innovation.

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We collaborate

Collaboration is built on the foundation of diversity and inclusiveness but is not limited to internal interactions. It extends to external engagement as well, such as social initiatives and events that support and contribute to a wider community.

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We empower

Empowerment begins with trust. We trust each other with the responsibilities that come with our roles and the ability to make decisions that contribute to the overall success of the team and organization.

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We care

Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, personal growth, and the social bonds that make the work environment more than just a place of business. This creates a positive and fulfilling workplace, where we are not just valued for our contributions, but cared for as individuals.

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Interested in joining us?

Feel free to check our current job offers. See what fits to your projects or let us know directly the journey that you want to start with us. 

Because we're the ones who speak best about it

testimonials from a colleague

A peak into the experience of Daria

Dalia Diab

I have benefited greatly from the guidance and support of mentors and colleagues, and I aspire to pass it on by sharing my knowledge.

Dalia Diab

MEA Consultant, Egypt
testimonials from a colleague

A peak into the experience of Stephan


With our cultural variety, I had the opportunity to meet many colleagues, and have fun with them but also to have new ways of working.

Stephan Hilscher

Recruiting, Germany
testimonials from a colleague

A peak into the experience of Maria

Maria Mårefors

You get a lot of freedom to develop and challenge yourself to become better, as well as our family feeling.

Maria Mårefors

UX Designer, Sweden
testimonials from a colleague

A peak into the experience of Mostafa

Mostafa Abdeltawab

My dedication to excellence and passion for technology shine through in my work, making me a highly respected professional in the field.

Mostafa Abdel Tawab

MEA Senior Delivery Manager, Egypt
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Why did you want to work for QESTIT?

Cecilia Krogell

A company that focuses on testing and QA attracted and there are good opportunities to develop in the area.

Cecilia Krogell

Software Tester, Sweden
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What makes you stay at QESTIT?

christoffer hulth

Because I was hired for who I am and that I get to be who I am, not only as a tester and consultant but also as me, Christoffer Hulth.

Christoffer Hulth

Software Tester, Sweden