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We take you further

More than just a slogan, it's a promise to empower you and clients to reach new levels and supporting you on this journey.

Empowering Growth

Unlocking your possibilities

Through exploration and sharing experiences, we provide the tools and support for you to take initiative and evolve in your professional life. We love to see you grow, thrive, and succeed. In a world that's always changing, being adaptable is essential. We provide the flexibility and help you need to navigate change, seize new opportunities, and turn challenges into strengths. We stay on top of industry trends and changes to ensure you have the latest knowledge and skills.

Our commitment to continuous learning ensures you're always ready for what's next. And by thinking proactively and positioning ourselves ahead of future opportunities, we enable possibilities.

Let's Go Further Together

Explore and Evolve with Us

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Maria presenting
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Unleash your curiosity 

We know a big part of growth comes from within, driven by curiosity and a desire to learn. That's why we create an environment that encourages you to explore new ideas, challenge the norm, and expand your horizons.

  • Dive into key topics and share your knowledge in our internal communities. Our Delivery Excellence Program offers a place to discuss key subjects like AI, SAP, and more.
  • Propose and lead new initiatives! QESTIT is currently and over the next three years involved in an exciting research project focused on Generative AI-driven testing together with Blekinge University of Technology.
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Share your experiences

When we challenge traditional methods and ways of working, we make changes happen. We love to share knowledge and experiences and offer guidance to help and sometimes to make you think outside the box

  • Share your tips and thoughts on your favorite subjects through articles pushed internally and externally or host webinars presenting your discoveries with other testers and clients to help spread valuable insights.
  • Organize internal gatherings like trainings, workshops or round table discussions about your favorite topics for your colleagues to exchange experiences and ideas.
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Elevating Every Journey, Amplifying Success

Encouraging our employees to take the lead in their own development fosters a culture of confidence, innovation, and continuous progress. By empowering you with the right tools, knowledge, and support, we help you realize your full potential.

  • Shape the future of testing by attending and leading conferences, workshops, and talks at events like the French Testing Day (JFTL) or the InsurNXT fair in Germany, covering trending topics such as AI.
  • Advance your career by taking on new responsibilities. In our team, a QA Tester can quickly grow into roles like Test Lead, Automation Tester or eventually a Manager.
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Nurturing Growth, Cultivating Development

In a constantly evolving world, adaptability is key. We provide a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to grow, learn, and adapt, emphasizing continuous improvement and personal development.

  • Throughout your career with us, we are dedicated to helping you achieve new goals and continually learn through various training programs, including those offered at QESTIT Academy, our own training center.
  • With a team of over 900 experts and coaches, we are here to support you with any questions or specific projects you have in mind.
Portrait_FR_Gilles Menède
Gilles Trainer & Tester

Gilles tells us about his career

How did you become tester?

I started as a developer consultant but after a few projects, I have started to shift to the other side and became a tester.

When did you join QESTIT?

I joined QESTIT (formerly ACIAL) in 2012. I spent 2 years working for a client with a team of 6 to 9 people as a tester.

What changed in your career?

Back in 2014, I had already hinted that I'd love to be a trainer. And that's how, when the QESTIT Academy was created, I was lucky enough to be chosen straight away! And today, I have the chance to train testers on many many courses!

What are your favorite accomplishments in this new role?

I'm very proud to be able to help people succeed and become better testers but also help unemployed people through our POEI programs, and share my passion with them.