Test Automation

The challenges leading to test automation

You need to reduce time-to-market, increase the number of retests or must save test effort? Apart from technical questions such as which tool or technology the test process itself is often the biggest challenge. How to optimise development processes and test efforts? How to organise transition from new feature test to test automation? How can be verified that automated test cases are available in time to test new releases? How to utilise automated tests in agile environments? How to expand to continuous integration?

Our approach

Test automation is software development! An approach is either sustainable or for a short term use (project related). QESTIT provides for a sustainable approach as for short term use best-of-breed architectures and stringent design of the automation frame work. The test cases selection plays a key role and guarantees the success of a test automation engagement – either in the regression testing or in the testing of functional enhancement e.g. in an agile context.

This requires test specialists who master technologies, test automation tools and processes. QESTIT is your partner who combines these qualities. Our expertise in testing enables us to cover your demand to build up an automated testing approach.

Range of Service

  • Providing of test automation experts
  • Consulting and build-up of concepts for test automation
  • Calculation of the ROI
  • Tool evaluation, implementation and development of automation frameworks
  • Development, maintenance and run of automated test cases as a service

Need assistance on a project?