Gender equality: QESTIT score on the rise

QESTIT France obtains 94/100 in the gender equality index

In 2023, QESTIT France achieved a score of 94/100 in the French Gender Equality index, a significant increase from 90 in 2021 and 93 in 2022. This improvment reflects the company’s commitment to foster a fair and inclusive workplace.  

Each year, as mandated by French legislation, companies with a workforce of at least 50 employees are required to disclose an internal equal pay index. This index, graded on a 100 points scale, is determined  by evaluating various criteria including: 

  • Gender pay gap,
  • Rate of individual salary increases,
  • Percentage of female employees who have received a salary raise within a year of returning from maternity leave,
  • Representation of the under-represented gender among the top 10 highest-paid employees.

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