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I need to test a software, which tool should I choose?

Effective management of software testing requires the use of specialized tools to ensure high-quality results. These tools facilitate various activities such as organizing software requirements, maintaining a test directory, executing test campaigns, managing bugs, establishing links between related elements, and generating reports. However, with several options available, choosing the right tool can be challenging.

While certain tools like the HP ALM, now owned by Microfocus, have traditionally dominated the market, the most popular tool today is the JIRA plugin: XRay. Nevertheless, the most popular tool may not be the most suitable for your specific needs, and selecting a tool requires careful consideration of your unique context.

At QESTIT, we understand the challenges of selecting the best tool and have conducted a comprehensive market study to help testers and companies make informed decisions. In this article, we will share the results of our study to help you choose the best test management tool for your needs.

The ALMs evaluated in our study are : Spira, XStudio, SquashTM , XRay, Service Now. We analysed and manipulated all of these tools in order to score each of the different criteria and sub-criteria presented.

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