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Test & Measurement System

Test & Measurement System

To elevate safety standards, ensure quality assurance, and optimize production development processes for enhanced efficiency.

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Using a quality-assured Test System is crucial for production companies, as it ensures that all essential functions are working correctly by identifying bugs and manufacturing defects during development or production. Without a robust Test System, the risk of errors in the final product increases, which can lead to costly recalls and damage the company's reputation. The absence of effective testing can also result in products failing to meet industrial standards or legal requirements.


All products require some form of validation or testing before delivery, ranging from production tests for circuit board testing (PCBA) or evaluations of the completed product, to flexible R&D testing during product development to uncover flaws, particularly in critical sectors like automotive or aviation. Complex products may require both R&D and production testing, including End Of Line tests, to ensure the quality of all functionalities throughout the manufacturing process.

We customize Test Systems and software to meet specific needs and requirements, offering solutions for analysis, result management, and the monitoring of test stations. This approach supports companies across various industries and product development stages, from medical systems to consumer products.

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Customization Customization The testing systems and software are tailored to your needs and requirements, ensuring that the testing process is adapted to your products and goals.
fast development time Fast Development time With our modular solution, we can reuse code from previous projects, which speeds up development and lowers costs.
compliance Compliance The testing systems help ensure that products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, minimize legal risks and facilitate smoother market entry.
customer support Support and Training You can get comprehensive support, including software development briefing, education and training, improving your team's testing capabilities and ensuring they can fully utilize the test systems and software.
versatility Versatility Our test systems and software are designed to serve a wide range of industries and product types, from low-volume medical systems to high-volume consumer products. We provide flexible solutions that can be adapted as your testing needs evolve.
QA Quality Assurance With advanced testing capabilities, you can ensure quality of your products, identify and fix defects early in the development or production stage, and thereby reducing the risk of costly recalls.
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Common questions about test & measurement

What is the role of test and measurement systems in product development and manufacturing?

Test and measurement systems are crucial at various stages of product development and manufacturing. They ensure that products meet the required quality standards, performance specifications, and regulatory compliance. These systems help in identifying design flaws, component defects, and manufacturing issues early in the process, reducing costs and preventing delays.

In research and development (R&D), they are essential for validating hypotheses, refining designs, and ensuring innovations meet practical and safety standards. In production, especially in PCBA and end-of-line stages, these systems verify that the products are built correctly and function as intended before they are shipped to customers.

How do test and measurement systems vary between R&D and production environments?

In R&D environments, test and measurement systems are often flexible and adaptable, designed to explore a wide range of parameters and conditions to innovate and refine product designs. They might include:

  • Advanced simulation tools.

  • Prototyping platforms.

  • Specialized measurement equipment to capture a broad spectrum of data.

In production environments, including PCBA and end-of-line testing, these systems are more focused on efficiency, repeatability, and scalability. They ensure that every unit meets strict quality and performance criteria, often under high-volume conditions. This includes:

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray for PCBA.

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT) for electrical performance.

  • Functional testing rigs at the end-of-line to simulate real-world use conditions.

How can PCBA testing be optimized in a high-volume production environment?

Optimizing PCBA testing in high-volume environments involves:

  • Implementing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems early in the production line to catch and correct errors promptly.

  • Using In-Circuit Testing (ICT) to check for electrical performance issues and component failures.

  • Integrating functional testing to validate the final operation of the PCB in a simulated real-world environment.

  • Employing statistical process control (SPC) techniques to analyze data from testing processes and identify areas for improvement.

  • Streamlining the testing process to eliminate redundant tests and focusing on high-impact areas.

How can product companies effectively integrate new test and measurement systems into their existing processes?

To effectively integrate new test and measurement systems into existing processes, you should start with a comprehensive needs assessment to pinpoint areas for improvement and determine how these systems can provide the most benefit. Early engagement of key stakeholders from different departments is critical to ensure the chosen system aligns with the diverse needs across the organization.

Providing thorough training for staff is essential for the smooth operation and maintenance of the new technology. Moreover, it's crucial to ensure that the new systems can seamlessly integrate with existing data management platforms, facilitating advanced analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities. After the integration, ongoing monitoring and adjustments are vital for resolving any emerging issues and capitalizing on additional enhancement opportunities.

Our team is ready to support you throughout this entire process, offering guidance and expertise to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation.

Are there any scalability options or possibilities to expand the system's capacity and functionalities over time to meet changing demands and needs?

Yes, our test systems and measurement instruments are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for the expansion of capacity and functionalities over time to meet changing demands and needs. This can include modular design, software updates, or the addition of new hardware components that extend the system's capabilities without needing to replace the entire system.