More and more data is made available daily to our customers, suppliers and partners through various integrations of IT systems such as mobile/web applications or APIs. This places increasing demands on developers and system architects to integrate security into their development process or design phase to counteract attacks. As new techniques and methods for attacks are continuously discovered, it is often difficult for companies to create the right requirements.

risk assessment

Security Audit

Cyber Security is changing everyday and we need to always stay up to date with the latest changes to protect ourselves from possible attacks. We can help you evaluate your current IT Security level and implement changes and improvements to mitigate these risks.

Defensive security protects you in all circumstances. It includes everything from analysis to complete network infrastructure protection through design, implementation and training to ensure you have the technology and knowledge to detect, prevent and respond to potential threats.

Offensive security involves several offensive but ethical activities to identify flaws and vulnerabilities by, for example, carrying out targeted attacks against software, systems and services. These services are carried out like an attacker who has gathered information from various sources.

With Security as a Service, you get ongoing help with conducting recurring and regular tests against your externally exposed systems. You have access to security specialists for analysis, action plans and help to achieve continuity in your security work.

The importance of setting the right requirements

The risk of not keeping track of security

When we talk about cyber security, one of the things that is often overlooked or not fully calculated is the actual risk. What is the actual risk you have as a company? What is valuable to you? In most cases, some kind of information is the most valuable commodity we have. And because it has value, there is always some risk associated with it.

Today, it is all too common for IT attacks to occur and the costs of these can be devastating. With planning and prevention, many of these incidents can be drastically reduced. Some things will always happen and it is impossible to prevent every single attack, but there are many ways to catch it early and stop it before it becomes too serious. Among other things, through a well-functioning set of requirements that are then used in future development, design or implementation phases, but also in future procurement of new IT systems.

Webinar On-Demand

How to think and work with application security?

Most of us understand that security is important but don’t really know how and where to start. In this webinar, we will talk about application security with a focus on bringing security into the development process, the common attacks, etc.

Career with us

We need more security Consultants

We are looking for new talents interested and skilled in risk assessment, pen testing, and love to take on new challenges.  Whether you’re a senior or junior doesn’t matter to us, we in the team will help and lift each other to be the best we can be.